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Big marketing

For small businesses

Most agencies are on the hunt for the next big client. Not us, we do big marketing for small businesses, like you. When you’re ready to grow your lol, small business, we’re here to help. Let’s chat.


These days lol businesses, like us, are looking back on two rough years with immense appreciation for our neighbours.

We’re a boutique agency built to deliver results for Nova Scotia, small businesses.

We help you harness the power of the internet to grow your business. That includes building powerful websites, managing social media, sending brilliant email mpaigns, developing ptivating digital ads, and helping to make the digital world more accessible.?

Start with a made-in-Nova Scotia plan to get you on track to grow your business.

We make sense of it all and we make it easy. Let’s build your plan together.

We've been sending a lot of email

Since last year we’ve sent over 100,000 emails

You know you’re doing something right if the emails are opened and the links are clicked. We send email mpaigns that your customers want to open.

Want to send emails that deliver? Let’s go.

Emails Sent
Emails Opened
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Click Rate

Our emails deliver.

We drive real results with email marketing. If you’re not using email, you’re missing out on higher returns and better customer relationships. Email marketing delivers:

  • 90% of email makes it to the right inbox
  • Email drives more sales than social and search
  • 99% of email users check their email daily
  • People prefer? promotional content by email
"With the onset of COVID-19, we wanted to stay open and to stay safe so we had to pivot. Scott made it possible strategilly, technologilly, and effectively."
Steve Maly
The Other Bean Sandwich Shop

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